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David Gardiner and Associates is a strategic advisory firm focused on climate change, clean energy, and sustainability. Our clients are non-profits, corporations, and trade associations. We help our clients with strategic planning, research and analysis, and improved communications through our partnership building and advocacy. Our team integrates decades of practical experience across business sectors with diverse subject expertise and produces highly tailored and high quality products to meet the specific needs of each client.

We provide planning and consultation for the following:

Strategic Planning & Communications

Research & Analysis

Policy & Advocacy

Alliance Building & Partnerships

Meet our team members

David Gardiner

David Gardiner

Principal, President


Blaine Collison

Blaine Collison

Senior Vice President


James Hewett

James Hewett

Vice President for Renewable Energy


Betsy Gardiner

Betsy Gardiner

Chief Operating Officer

We lend our expertise to a diverse array of projects

Alliance for Industrial Efficiency

The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency is a coalition of businesses, organizations, and institutions working together to educate the public and decision makers about increasing the competitiveness of U.S.

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid is a highly diverse coalition of stakeholders working to encourage modernization, expansion, and integration of the nation’s backbone electric system.

Customer Renewables Initiative

Beginning in 2014, David Gardiner and Associates initiated a series of efforts to connect the massive shift in renewable energy markets led by large customers to a new set of policy campaigns on customer choice.

Renewable Thermal Collaborative

The Renewable Thermal Collaborative serves as the leading coalition for organizations committed to scaling up renewable heating and cooling at their facilities and dramatically cutting carbon emissions.

Our expertise is recognized by companies and non-profit organizations alike

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