The Consumer Advocates of the PJM States (CAPS) commissioned a handbook to help consumers, their advocates, and others improve their understanding of how transmission — one of the three primary components of the electric network — is developed and funded in the PJM Interconnection.

Consumer electric rates are rising across the region, raising alarms for consumer advocates. Increased investment in transmission infrastructure is one driver of these rising costs. But the complex laws and regulations that govern PJM, plus the wide variety of methodologies that utilities use to determine rates, make it difficult for consumers to understand exactly what they’re paying for and why.

The handbook is intended to: (1) demystify the transmission planning, development, and cost recovery processes, and (2) help advocates identify areas where additional transparency or process reform is needed to ensure PJM develops and maintains a cost-effective transmission network.


The handbook includes the following volumes:

  • Volume 1: Executive Summary
  • Volume 2: Background on the Electric Network, PJM, and PJM Members
  • Volume 3: Electric Customer Bills
  • Volume 4: Transmission Planning in PJM
  • Volume 5: Transmission Siting in the PJM Region
  • Volume 6: Transmission Project Costs and Charges
  • Volume 7: Transmission Rate Cases in PJM

Click here to download the executive summary. And fill out the form below to view additional volumes.