Corporate Transportation Decarbonization Initiatives

The transportation sector is ripe for corporate climate-related action.  David Gardiner and Associates (DGA) has developed a Corporate Transportation Decarbonization Tracker to help policymakers, manufacturers, transportation and fuel providers, and others better understand corporate initiatives related to transportation emissions and electric vehicle (EV) expansion.  In 2022, DGA also produced a report on retailer commitments and opportunities for further progress. We continue to update the Tracker annually.


Last Updated: February 2024

What’s Included:

  • Company ranking based on NRF’s 2023 Top Retailers List
  • Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions targets, if applicable
  • Goals set to reduce transportation-specific emissions
  • Company actions to deploy electric vehicles
  • Any efforts to establish or expand EV charging access for fleets, customers, employees
  • Other actions to reduce transportation emissions, such as fuel efficiency measures and use of alternative fuels
  • Partnerships or particpation in initiatives to to support EV expansion (e.g. EPA’s Smart-Way program and the Ceres’ Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance)

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Accelerating Transportation Emission Reductions and Electric Vehicle Adoption: An Analysis of Retailer Commitments (2022)

The report summarizes major findings from data on 149 retailers’ vehicle electrification and transportation emissions reduction activities. DGA’s analysis finds there is a significant opportunity for retail corporations to advance EV adoption and 

The report highlights specific retailers’ bold commitments and innovative practices and also outlines high-level steps that the retail industry, policymakers, and others can take to scale up EV adoption and EV infrastructure deployment.

To download the report, click here.

DGA hosted a webinar exploring the progress top retailers have made toward transportation decarbonization, including deployment of EV charging infrastrucrture, route efficiency programs, and opportunities for collaobration across the corporate sector.

Speakers — Panel 1

  • Erin Hiatt — Vice President, CSR, Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)
  • Denise Kearns — EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality / EPA SmartWay

Speakers — Panel 2 (from 48:00)

  • Brandon Jones — Manager, Clean Vehicles, Ceres
  • Paul Carp — Senior Director of Business Development (Fleets), EVgo Fast Charging
  • Adam Raphael — Head of Power & Energy Solutions, Amazon Last Mile

Access the full Tracker:

We welcome feedback on the tool. Please contact Hannah Schuster with comments, data updates, and more. For inquiries about DGA services, contact David Gardiner