Customer Renewables Initiative

Large institutional buyers are changing the energy landscape as we know it. In recent years, Fortune 500 companies and other large institutions, such as the military and colleges and universities, have begun to transform electricity markets by ramping up their purchases of renewable energy.

Beginning in 2014, DGA initiated a series of efforts to connect the massive shift in renewable energy markets led by large customers to a new set of state policy campaigns on customer choice. DGA identified this market trend early on and began working with diverse partners to develop customer choice policy campaigns designed to surpass the deployment of 60 gigawatts of additional renewable energy by 2025.

We work with companies, non-profits, and foundations to advance renewable energy choice policy for large customers

“DGA is a trusted advisor that provides valuable insight into potential opportunities to advance renewable energy purchasing options for us and other businesses.” —Peter Dahm, Sustainability Director, Operations and Natural Resources, Cargill
“DGA’s leadership in analyzing policy, convening meetings, and driving advocacy has been a significant asset in our efforts to expand renewable energy customer choice for America’s largest employers.” —Joe Rinzel, Executive Director, Employers for Renewable Energy

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Personal care giant @KCCorp completed a 3 MW #solar project at their facility in LaGrange, #Georgia. It will help Kimberly-Clark meet its goal to offset global GHG emissions 40% by 2022. @NextEraEnergyR @GeorgiaPower

The CEO of @BloombergNEF is highlighting the massive increase in corporate renewable energy procurement over the last decade at the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook release. @BCSECleanEnergy #GetTheFacts

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