U.S. corporations have been a critical driver of climate action and deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Because corporations are both leading solution innovators and implementers, there are considerable opportunities for corporations to transform the transportation sector’s emissions on a rapid timeline. Unfortunately, the data to understand the full landscape of corporate action in the transportation arena has been sparse and disparate. To help fill that knowledge gap, David Gardiner and Associates (DGA) has released a new report: Accelerating Transportation Emission Reductions and Electric Vehicle Adoption: An Analysis of Retailer Commitments. This report is based on DGA’s Corporate Transportation Decarbonization Tracker which is also available here on DGA’s website.

In this first edition of the Corporate Transportation Decarbonization Tracker and Report, DGA focuses on 149 retailers and the transportation emissions reduction actions outlined in their corporate documents. The report finds that retailers are using a number of methods to engage in transportation decarbonization including setting greenhouse gas reduction commitments and goals, partnering with organizations that are focused on reducing transportation emissions, adopting EVs–including medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, and supporting the expansion of EV charging solutions. The Report and Tracker will help corporations benchmark their own actions, and will help to educate policymakers, investors, and the public about the rapidly growing interest among retailers in the decarbonization of the transportation sector and adoption of EVs.

At a high level, the report finds that retailers are:

  • Actively setting GHG reduction targets.
  • Beginning to address Scope 3 GHG emissions and transportation-specific emissions.
  • Advancing EV charging for customers, employees, or fleets, with larger companies doing more than smaller ones.
  • Exploring the use of electric MHD trucks for both upstream and downstream delivery.

Alongside this analysis, the report offers recommendations for actors across the EV ecosystem to continue to maximize transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions reductions and achieve widespread EV adoption and EV infrastructure deployment.

In future editions, DGA plans to include additional corporations and their actions.


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