In our new report, “Federal Climate Legislation: An Overview of Policies Beneficial to Achieving Corporate Sustainability Goals,” we outline the potential legislative actions that the Biden Administration and the 117th Congress can take in the near term to address climate change and promote the decarbonization of the U.S. economy.

Today, the rising tide of corporate commitments to reduce emissions and the election of Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the next President of the United States has created a favorable landscape for comprehensive climate change legislation. In order for companies to decarbonize their operations and meet their corporate commitments, they will need to navigate a complicated federal policy landscape, one geared towards sector specific policies rather the than the national, economy-wide initiatives that were popular a decade ago.

Our report is divided into four industry sectors (power and transmission, buildings and manufacturing efficiency, transportation electrification, and industrial and economy-wide climate policy) where we lay out the vision for each sector as put forth by the House, Senate, and Office of the President-elect’s recommendations in the past year. By doing so, we provide companies with a snapshot of likely federal climate legislation over the next four years to help companies identify specific opportunities within existing legislation to focus on as part of their broader climate advocacy strategy.

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