Corporate Climate Initiative

Large institutional buyers are changing the energy and climate landscape. Starting with an initial focus on buying wind and solar energy, Fortune 500 companies and other large institutions are now broadening their focus – establishing comprehensive science-based climate goals, decarbonizing their operations, scaling up their purchases of clean energy, electrifying transportation systems, utilizing innovative renewable thermal technologies, increasing energy storage, and more.

Through its Corporate Climate Initiative, DGA connects corporate sustainability leaders across a variety of industries to federal and state policy opportunities, which can accelerate and lower the costs of meeting corporate climate goals. DGA analyzes and reports on policy and market trends relevant to meeting corporate climate goals.  For more than a decade, we have helped companies engage with policy makers and other opinion leaders and make the business case for climate and clean energy policies.

We work with companies, non-profits, and foundations to advance renewable energy choice policy for large customers

“DGA is a trusted advisor that provides valuable insight into potential opportunities to advance renewable energy purchasing options for us and other businesses.” —Peter Dahm, Sustainability Director, Operations and Natural Resources, Cargill
“DGA’s leadership in analyzing policy, convening meetings, and driving advocacy has been a significant asset in our efforts to expand renewable energy customer choice for America’s largest employers.” —Joe Rinzel, Executive Director, Employers for Renewable Energy

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Introducing the Corporate Climate Initiative

David Gardiner and Associates is renaming our Customer Revolution Project to the Corporate Climate Initiative. The new name reflects the massive shifts in U.S. renewable energy markets and the work underway to accelerate these markets.

Webinar: State of Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement in the U.S.

Our webinar highlighted the major impact of large customers on renewable energy growth in 2017 and featured speakers from Microsoft, the American Wind Energy Association, and Solar Energy Industries Association.

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A new report from @EDF projects that worldwide #ElectricVehicle investments will grow to more than $626 billion by 2030, an increase of 20% from 6 months ago, signaling a rapid transition to #ZeroEmission vehicles

Rental car company @Hertz has signed an agreement with @GM to purchase 175,000 of its #ElectricVehicles over the next five years, a move that will require GM to significantly increase its #EVFleet production

Congratulations to signatories of #TheClimatePledge @Amazon and @InfiniumCo on their new electrofuels agreement! By using Infinium’s ultra-low carbon electrofuels, Amazon can reduce carbon emissions for roughly 5 million miles of travel per year.

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