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Manufacturers Save Big with Utility Industrial Energy-Efficiency Programs featured image
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Vice President Ryan Hodum Submits Testimony to Kansas House Committee on Recent Trends in Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement featured image
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Alliance weighs in on design of GHG existing source rule featured image
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Alliance for Industrial Efficiency: Comment Letter on EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rules featured image
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Alliance for Industrial Efficiency: Investment Tax Credit Letter to the Senate featured image
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More than 2,000 companies across 70 countries and 15 industries, representing more than one-third ($38 trillion) of global market capitalization, have made plans to reduce emissions with @sciencetargets.

Read more about their growing impact:

Job Opportunity!

David Gardiner and Associates (DGA), a Washington, D.C. area-based strategic advisory firm focused on climate change, clean energy, and sustainability seeks a Project and Research Director. @dgardinera

Happy #EarthDay2022! 🌎Today, we are celebrating the progress made to advance key clean energy technologies in the last decade. We remain hopeful that we can rapidly advance a diversity of climate solutions to secure our planet's future. Read more here:

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