DGA is proud to share this new report prepared for DGA by Christine Covington, Buying the Sun: Opportunities for Third-Party Power-Purchase Agreements as Corporate Investments in Renewable Energy. This review of Latin American markets highlights the opportunities that exist in the region for large corporations to expand their renewable energy investments.

In the report, Covington explores how corporations are increasingly taking the reins in the use and development of their energy, and many are choosing investments in renewables. Companies are looking to new markets, including Latin America, which is quickly emerging as the top growing market for renewable energy development, despite the slowdown in global renewable energy investments. These investments often come in the form of third-party power-purchase agreements (third-party PPAs), which allow corporations to take a larger role in the purchase and development of renewable energy.

Covington notes that many Central American markets provide policy structures to support third-party PPAs, yet these opportunities have not yet been realized in the form of investments. Thus, as Central American markets mature, the region provides substantial opportunity for the development of renewable energy through third-party PPAs.

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