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Nearly 30% of the Fortune 500 is Involved in Climate-based Initiatives featured image
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What Corporations Need to Know About the Climate Legislative Landscape Heading into 2021 featured image
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Decarbonizing Thermal Energy: Lessons from the Renewable Electricity Markets featured image
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Hydrogen: An Introduction for Commercial and Industrial End-Users featured image
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The Role of Combined Heat and Power in a Low-Carbon Future featured image
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A Seat at the Table: Exploring Our Opportunity as Young Professionals in Clean Energy featured image
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As corporate climate commitments become increasingly ambitious, the federal landscape remains difficult to navigate. Let us help. Read our new report outlining potential federal climate legislation that can pass in the next four years here

Today, DGA Client @CHPAlliance released their new report, "Combined Heat and Power and a Changing Climate: Reducing Emissions and Improving Resilience." To learn more about how #CHPIsAClimateSolution, read @CHPAlliance’s new report here

In the past decade, companies have begun advocating for policies at the state and federal level. As we turn our attention back to federal level, here is a list of possible policies that can pass under the Biden Administration:

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