Oil and Gas

DGA’s Top 5 Emerging Climate and Sustainability Trends

In the early stages of the Trump administration, DGA has identified these top five emerging climate and sustainability trends which we will be watching in 2017. The Manufacturing Sector: Clean Energy and Competitiveness As President Trump calls for making America’s manufacturing more competitive, clean energy represents a significant opportunity to do just that. The Alliance for …continue reading.

Fighting Oil Addiction: Ranking States’ Gasoline Price Vulnerability and Solutions For Change

Executive Summary: Energy policy and prices remain front and center in the American consciousness, particularly as national election consequences play out and the fragile economy continues to make many Americans feel more vulnerable. Americans continued to feel the painful pinch of gasoline prices in 2011—and they still do today. To curb America’s perilous oil addiction, …continue reading.

Sustainable Extraction?

Executive Summary: Investors in the U.S. and worldwide have made significant efforts to improve corporate performance and reporting on key sustainability issues. Given the financial impacts of climate change and deepwater oil drilling issues in the oil and gas sector, investors need significant improvements in disclosure about these critical risks to make informed investment decisions. […] To read the rest of Sustainable …continue reading.

Fighting Oil Addiction: Ranking States’ Gasoline Price Vulnerability and Solutions for Change

DGA authored a report for the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) on state by state gasoline price issues. This report updates the 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 research by the NRDC identifying the states whose citizens feel the greatest economic pain from gasoline prices and those states that are doing the most to break their addiction to oil. Like …continue reading.

Ranking States’ Oil Vulnerability: Assessing the Continued Threat of Gas Price Spikes

DGA prepared a White Paper for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The paper begins by outlining the problematic nature of America’s dependence on oil. Following is an analysis on the NRDC’s previous research determining which states were hit hardest by rising gas prices. The data shows that oil vulnerability affects all states, but some states’ …continue reading.

Fighting Oil Addiction: Ranking States’ Oil Vulnerability and Solutions for Change

In coordination with the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), DGA published a report ranking the states’ oil vulnerability in the current economic environment. First, the report calculates oil vulnerability—how heavily each state’s drivers are affected by increases in oil prices. Second, it ranks states on their adoption of solutions to reduce their oil dependence—measures they are taking …continue reading.