Clean and Renewable Energy

DGA Launches Customer Revolution Monthly: A Renewable Energy Policy and Market Action Alert Newsletter

Large institutional buyers are changing the energy landscape as we know it. David Gardiner and Associates is launching the Customer Revolution Monthly to identify and analyze the policy and market trends that define this historic change. In the last five years, Fortune 500 companies and other large institutions, such as the military and colleges and universities, have …continue reading.

Seven Companies Deliver Letter to the Missouri Legislature Expressing Support for H.B. 439, the Missouri Energy Freedom Act

In February, seven major companies delivered a letter to the Missouri House of Representatives and Senate expressing their support for H.B. 439, the Missouri Energy Freedom Act, which would allow third party power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable energy. PPAs allow companies to procure renewable energy without making major capital expenditures up front or taking …continue reading.

Vice President Ryan Hodum Joins Large Businesses and Free Market Think Tank to Discuss Customer Choice Policy with Missouri Legislators

Last week, DGA Vice President Ryan Hodum – along with a team from Wal-mart, General Motors, and the R Street Institute – met with Missouri lawmakers to discuss the broad support for renewable energy and customer choice policy in the state. PPAs are contracts between an energy consumer (like a factory) and a provider (in this …continue reading.

Blog: Current Trends in Renewable Energy News

February was a big month for renewable energy. Several exciting new reports were released that demonstrate that renewable energy is increasingly in demand from large businesses and other large energy buyers, and is a significant source of job growth: 2017 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook from the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) and Bloomberg …continue reading.

DGA’s Top 5 Emerging Climate and Sustainability Trends

In the early stages of the Trump administration, DGA has identified these top five emerging climate and sustainability trends which we will be watching in 2017. The Manufacturing Sector: Clean Energy and Competitiveness As President Trump calls for making America’s manufacturing more competitive, clean energy represents a significant opportunity to do just that. The Alliance for …continue reading.

DGA Sends Letters About Large Customer Demand for Renewable Energy in North Carolina

Today, DGA sent letters to North Carolina Governor Cooper and Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Regan detailing the growing corporate demand for clean, cost-effective sources of energy in North Carolina and across the U.S. Access to renewable energy choices is key to meet the needs of companies with operations in North Carolina and to attract …continue reading.

Groundbreaking Study: States that Enable Customer Choice of Clean Energy Attracting Job-Creating Businesses

David Gardiner and Associates contributed to a groundbreaking study released today that ranks all 50 states based on the ease with which companies in the retail and information technology sectors can procure renewable energy and urges state governments to promote customer choice of renewable energy. The Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index: State Leadership & Rankings, …continue reading.

18 of the Largest Electricity Consumers in Virginia Called on the Commonwealth to Expand Renewable Energy Choices

A group of 18 major corporations, including big names such as Microsoft, Walmart, Best Buy, Ikea, Staples and Mars Inc., among others, sent a letter to state lawmakers and the Virginia State Corporation Commission calling for “an explicit legal framework” to expand access to renewable energy from utilities and third-party sellers. Read more about the …continue reading.

Seven Major US Companies Sign Letter in Support of Clean Line Grain Belt Express in Missouri

A group of companies with retail and manufacturing facilities across Missouri including General Motors, General Mills, Target, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s and Nestlé, joined in supporting the Grain Belt Express project, noting that the “Grain Belt Express Clean Line is an opportunity to provide our companies with a link to low-cost renewable energy at a scale that …continue reading.

Interactive Map of State Clean Energy Success Stories

The map below highlights the different recent state work that DGA has been a part of. Scroll over a state to read more and click on the state to find more resources.